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Farmer Organ

Gant Layton
Organ Studio

J. Allen Farmer Organbuilders, Op. 28 (1998)

The Gant Layton Organ Studio at the Central Florida Organ Institute is a cherished facility, named in honor of Dr. Robert Gant and M.L. Layton, the commissioning owners of a remarkable mechanical action organ. This exquisite 2 manual and pedal instrument combines metal and wooden pipework and employs fully mechanical key and stop actions, with windchests utilizing slider actions. The casework, made from solid African mahogany with 23kt gold leaf moulding, adds a touch of opulence to the studio.

A highlight of the organ's design is the whimsical pipe screen featuring an angel modeled after one of the original owners, bringing a unique and personal touch to the instrument. In 2021, Dr. Michael Ging, a dedicated organist, was gifted this sweetly voiced organ from his longtime mentor, Dr. Robert Gant. The instrument is deemed ideal for focused practice and in-depth study, making it an invaluable asset to the organ students at the Institute. With such a distinguished instrument at their disposal, students are provided with an exceptional opportunity to further their skills and passion for the pipe organ.

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